43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series

43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series

43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series

Sale price $1,299.00

Smart TV Powered by Android

Waterproof & 4K

1000Nit Partial Sun

Rugged outdoor tv

  • IP55 waterproof and handle all weather;
  • 4k HD, 99% dustproof
  • Full metal shell, anti-corrosion design, durable anti-scratching;
  • Withstand temperatures ranging from -22° to 122°F
  • 3 in 1 remote control (Infrared, Bluetooth, Voice)
  • Google Assistant built-in
  • Android 11.0 system
  • Smart TV and streaming function;
  • Built-in Chromecast & dual speakers
  • 2.4G & 5G WiFi and Bluetooth
  • 1000nit Brighter than a regular TV, commercial grade.
  • Packing dimension(inch): 38.41(L)x3.44(W)x22.64(H) 
  • N.W(lb): 40.1
  • With the ability to access the stream and browser
  • App free to download
  • 1 Year product warranty
  • Delivery Time: 2-5 business days
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
  • Free shipping
  • Free return
  • Security payment
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Fully Waterproof Outdoor TV

A Well-crafted Smart Outdoor TV

Equipped with all the essential smart features.

Outdoor TV-Smart-Wifi
Bluetooth TV Connection

Easily connect your smartphone, headphones, or external speaker to your Sylvox outdoor TV.

Outdoor TV-Smart-Wifi
Wi-Fi TV Connection

Enhance your outdoor TV experience with seamless wireless connectivity to your preferred content providers.

Android TV-APP Free To Download

Outdoor TV-Smart-Remote

One Remote Control

Tap to Mirror Content

Outdoor TV-Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Dolby Audio

Outdoor TV-Dolby Audio

Upgrade Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Great picture withi 4K high resolution, dynamic crystal color and HDR

Outdoor TV-Smart-4K

Withstand All Types of Weather Conditions

Outdoor TV-Smart-Withstand All Weather
Extreme Temperature Functionality

With an operating temperature range of -22°F to 122°F,designed for year-round outdoor use and are weather-resistant in all seasons.

Outdoor TV-Smart-High Brightness
Ultra Bright Picture

Exceptionally brighter than regular TVs, providing outstanding contrast and brightness.

Outdoor TV-Smart-Metal Cover
Durable Metal Casing

Completely sealed, making it a rugged outdoor option that's resistant to corrosion, scratches, and high temperatures.

Outdoor TV-Smart-Well Made
High-quality Craftsmanship

Upgraded versions with 1000 nits brightness, optimized for partially sunny environments.

We have 4 options for you

Packages cost less than buying separately

Outdoor TV-TV only

Option 1-TV Only

Option 2 -TV + TV Mount

Click here to see the detail of the sylvox TV mount

Option 3 -TV+ Outdoor Soundbar

Click here to see the detail of the sylvox outdoor soundbar

Option 4 -TV+TV Mount+ Outdoor Soundbar


Screencasting & Remote

With Sylvox Outdoor Soundbar

Can be installed to the bottom of TV with included attachments

Technisch Infomation

Have a look at some specifications and shiping info of the sylvox Outdoor  TV before purchasing!

Smart TV Powered by Android

IP55 waterproof and 4K

1000NIT Brightness

Fully-sealed, rugged outdoor tv

The Main Difference Between Sylvox Partial Sun Series

Sylvox Outdoor TVDeck SeriesDeck Pro SeriesDeck Pro QLED Series
SystemLinuxAndroid LG Webos
Downlaod AppsNOYESYES
Support Screencasting DeviceAndroid AllAll

Advice On How To Choose Sylvox Partial Sun Outdoor TVs

1, Consider budget, Sylvox TVs come at a range of price points, Deck series is designed to be the most affordable option for partail sun outdoor TVs.

 2, Smart Features: If you want the smart TV with built-in app store and all smart features, the deck pro series would be the best choice.

 3, Picture Quality: If you want the best possible picture quality with all smart features, go for a QLED TV(Sylvox Deck pro Qled Series).

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Kelvin Pope
Outstanding Product

This TV is GREAT. My service representative VIVI is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Simply MARVELOUS. If by chance you happen to cross her path, you’ll understand completely what I’m saying. Working with her is just as good as purchasing the TV. Great Experience.

The system ships promptly, and is very well packaged upon receiving.

Keep up the the good work.

Great Job, Sylvox!

Micky Rucireta
Very happy with our Sylvox

The Sylvox Deck Pro has a very nice picture and the sound is better than I thought it would be. Very easy to set up. Things to note…you may need a wifi extender if you are using a firestick etc. it’s cool I can connect my Bose Bluetooth speaker but the tv does indicate Bluetooth connected items may slow down wifi speeds.
We are still playing around with it and learning as we go. We ordered a new firestick which may help as well.
Overall, the tv is super sturdy, the connections are protected from the elements of weather and we are very happy.
If you order the tv rolling stand, please know that the directions aren’t real clear so it was a little challenging. But one we figured it out, it’s perfect for what we wanted.

Andrew Thomas
Deck Pro Outdoor TV with Soundbar

Great experience. Timely shipment and excellent packaging. Very easy install and startup. Android OS is outstanding. Very please with picture quality and sound. Highly recommend the Deck Pro series.

William Sowa
Free your TV from it's wall mount !!!!!

All RV Camper Trailers, 5th Wheels, and Class A's that have built-in outside tv's have the tv built into the side of the RV. Your background for the tv is the side wall of the RV. Not so with SYLVOX!!! I have my 43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series mounted on a tripod and I can move it around my RV site anywhere the extension cord can reach. If you are an RV camper, SYLVOX is a game-changer and a must-have item. I've got the whole campground coming over and asking where they can purchase a SYLVOX. SYLVOX outdoor tv's and RV's have now become hand-in-hand.

Great Product and customer service!

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your exceptional customer service. I recently purchased one of your outdoor TVs, and I was incredibly impressed by your support team's quick response and resolution of my issue.

It's not often that I take the time to write a review, but in this case I felt it was necessary to express my appreciation for the wonderful service you provided. I will certainly be recommending your products to my friends and family.

Thanks again for your exemplary customer service and support.



Nicholas Pfeiffer

Only after a few months my first tv had sound but no picture got in touch with Vivi from C-service, had to choose a different model but also got credited back for price difference. Vivi couldn’t have been more helpful and understanding, sent out my new tv and instructions to return old everything was hassle free customer service is outstanding

David Watz
43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series

Overall satisfied with the purchase. What you get for what you pay is worth it in my opinion. Not as bright as I would have thought, slight glare from screen and wifi could be better (but it’s all encased in an enclosure). If had to do it again would make the same choice!