Sylvox Partial Sun Outdoor TVs

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    The Main Difference Between Sylvox Partial Sun Series

    Sylvox Outdoor TV  Deck SeriesDeck Pro Series   Deck Pro QLED Series
    BRIGHTNESS   1000NIT   1000NIT     1000NIT
    System    Linux Android      LG Webos
    Downlaod App     NO    YES     YES
    Support Screencasting Device Android       All     All
    Display     LED      LED     QLED

    Advice On How To Choose Sylvox Partial Sun Outdoor TVs

    1, Picture Quality:  If you want the best possible picture quality, go for a  QLED TV(Sylvox Deck pro Qled Series).

    2, Smart Features:  If you want the smart TV with built-in App store, the Deck pro series would be the best choice.

    3, Consider budget. Sylvox TVs come at a range of price points, Deck series is designed to be a more affordable option for outdoor TVs.