For the TVs 55" or within 55", will be delivering the items by UPS.
For the TVs over 55", will be delivering the items by truck delivery.

If the TV you purchased is 55" or within 55", you will receive it with 3-7 days, and if the TV you purchased is over 55", you will receive it in about 5-10 days.


30-Day "no questions asked” policy for equipment returned undamaged and in original shipping cartons. Customers must contact the Sylvox team at service@sylvoxtv.com to submit an after-sales application, we will provide you with the shipping label, RMA form, and return address in the mail. Please include your original order number or order proof in the email and ensure that the item is returned within 30 days. No refunds will be issued until the item is received in its original packaging (with its documentation and accessories). Sylvox is responsible for all return shipping costs for quality problems. If the returned unit is installed and used, Sylvox shall have the right to charge restocking fees of 20% of the product value, and the return freight costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Outdoor TV

(Deck series and Pool series) uses a Linux system. To ensure the smoothness of the TV, only built-in applications can be used. But The Deck pro/Pool Pro/Deck Pro qled/Pool pro qled are with Webos system built-in and can download Apps, which is smart than Deck/Pool Series.

Press "Menu" key → select "Setting" option → select "Bluetooth" option press "ENTER" key → select "Enable" Turn on Bluetooth function → select "Scan devices" press "ENTER" key → Find your Bluetooth device and connect.

There is a detachable waterproof panel on the back of the TV, and when you remove it, you can see all the interfaces.
The panel for power and humidity cable receptacles is at the bottom of the back of the TV.

①Please make sure that the TV is powered on.
②Please make sure that the remote has batteries installed.
③Brightness from sun light could affect remote infrared. We suggest that you cover the sun with your hands when using the remote under strong light.
④If the remote doesn’t respond:
a. To exclude the distance factor: please put the remote close to the TV, aim it at the TV remote sensor indication should turn red to green.
b. To check if your remote is working normally: Turn on your camera on your cell phone, point the end of the remote with the IR emitter to the camera cellphone screen. Press and hold one of the buttons on the remote. If the remote sends a signal, you should see a light flashing in the cellphone screen when pressing buttons on your remote it means that the remote is normal.
⑤ If both remotes are working, but the TV still cannot be turned on and there is no picture, please contact us.

① Wi-Fi signals work best in 2.4GHz frequency range.
② The distance 16feet(5M) or shorter is recommended for Internet router signal to TV.
③ If the Wi-Fi cannot be detected, turn on the mobile hotspot near the TV. If the TV can search for the mobile hotspot, we suggest:
a. Install a Wi-Fi signal booster.
b. Install the router outdoors.

①When connecting for the first time, T.V. Bluetooth frequency range to Bluetooth speakers work best under 3feet(1M).
②If you can't scan: Please reset and try to scan again.
③The sound and the picture are not synchronized: There will be a normal lag of tens of milliseconds in Bluetooth transmission of sound, and the compatibility problem between the TV and the speaker will increase this lag. Please try to switch to cable (OPTICAL, ARC) connection, you will have a better experience.
④If the Bluetooth cannot be connected, please contact us.

①Please make sure the HDMI cable is normal and not damaged. If the cable is damaged, please replace the HDMI cable.
②If other functions are displayed well, only HDMI has no picture. With your remote, switch to another input on the TV and then switch back to HDMI to see if the signal locks correctly. Failing that, plug your device into a different HDMI input and repeat the above steps.

Deck series and Pool series outdoor TVs only support Android screen cast, but not iphone screen cast.
Please keep your phone closer to the TV.
First click screencast, and then turn on the screencast function of Android mobile phone.

Deck pro QLED/Pool Pro QLED outdoor TV support both Android and iphone screen cast
Please keep your phone closer to the TV.
First turn on the screencast function of mobile phone. The mobile phone screen will be displayed directly on TV


1. Please confirm whether your discs belong to region 1.
The Motion Picture Association of America has divided six regions to formulate the region code. The RV TVs sold by sylvox in the United States only support reading region1 DVDs. (Region 1: United States, Canada, and East Pacific Islands)
2. Please replace the other region1 DVDs and check whether they can play.
3. If all your region1 DVDs cannot play, please contact to apply for after-sales service and provide the following information in advance:
a.Product question (Pictures or videos)
b.Order number and order screenshot
c.Model (On the back of TV)

Step 1:
Locate the suitable installation position and screw hole position on the wall, and then mount the wall plate to the wall.

Step 2:
Attach brackets vertically to the upper and lower wall mount pillar holes on the back of the TV.

Step 3:
Hang the TV on the wall plate. Match the screw holes of the wall plate to the brackets and fix them with screws. Now the installation is complete.