Sylvox Outdoor TV Review from Tech Steve

Now, in the box, you're going to get these mounting screws. It comes with a warranty card, a cleaning cloth, a three prong AC power cord. And check this out. It comes with two separate remote controls. Pretty amazing. So now we're going to take a look at the back of it. So what I did is I went ahead and mounted it to this tabletop stand over here is kind of like these little hooks and you screw these on just like you would any type of Wal Mart bracket. So once I got everything mounted up, I went in and locked it in and we're good to go now, here's the thing. Down here has these little tiny screws and that secures all the inputs to keep them. Whether resistance you see, there's a rubber bead, it goes all around the back of the cover. And the great thing about that is, is it's going to stop water from entering it so you can melt it pretty much only for Eve or anything that you need to. And it's going to be able to help you out with that weather conditions on the back of it, there is a little indentation and it moves up to a ventilation system that's going to keep the TV cool in all types of weather. On this side of TV, you can see there's an Ethernet port right there for connecting directly to a router. There's also a fiber optic output right here to go to audio system.