Sylvox Partial Sun Outdoor TV

3X brightness than indoor TVs

Sylvox Full Sun Outdoor TV

High Brightness & Waterproof


with DVD player, perfect for car use

15'6 Under Cabinet TV

Smart TV for kitchen

Why Choose Sylvox Outdoor TVs

Higher Brightness

Sylvox Outdoor TVs are 3-5 times higher brightness than many typical indoor TVs. This provides an ideal viewing experience in brighter outdoor environments.

Outdoor TV-Waterproof

Sylvox outdoor TVs are specifically designed to handle rain, snow, dust, insects, salt air, humidity and extreme temperatures.

Outdoor TV-Safety
Well Made

Scratch-resistant aluminum metal, withstand temperatures ranging from -22° to 122°F (-30° to 50°C), 99% Dustproof

Sylvox has outdoor TVs to fit your space

Outdoor TV- Partial Sun
Partial Sun Series
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Outdoor TV-Full Sun
Full Sun Series
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Why Choose Sylvox?

Free Delivery

Free FedEx, DHL,UPS or express shipping

Hassle-free Warranty

We've got you covered with a full 1 years warranty

Global Support

Contact us any time

Secure Payment

Pay by debit or credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and more

Robust Product Portfolio

Select from outdoor TV, bathroom TV, RV TV, kitchen TV, and more.

Leading Technology

Professional R&D team and strong factory

More than 13 years of specialty in the TV industry

Sylvox is created for TV. Over a period of 13 years, our capabilities for innovation, through independent research and development, make products that complete and fulfifill all living areas.

Global industrial layout, devoted to global leadership

Headquartered in the United States, Sylvox currently has 4 major branches and multiple offifices around the world, covering many countries and regions like Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, etc.

Excellent R&D team with many years of industry experience

Sylvox not only has its own top R&D team, but also has long-term cooperation with several research and development institutions and laboratories.

Become a Premier Amazon Franchise Partner Supplier

Trusted by the Amazon and preferred to be the exclusive partner supplier for its product quality beyond the peers, its service tenet of consideration for users and its global distribution system. Top 3 US sales in the same category in only 2 months of cooperation

Fashionable, modern and creative personalized design

Maintaining imagination is the highest vision of life. As Sylvox's advertising slogan "see the future", from imagination to seeing, from the present to expect the future.

Google TV licensed brand

Sylvox has teamed up with Google and, after obtaining the offificial authorization of Google TV, has become the world's fifirst full-scene TV brand carrying Google TV system.