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Sylvox Vision Inc. is the U.S. based company that globally exclusive provides Full-scene TVs. Through proprietary developed and manufactured innovative technology, we are committed to delivering entertainment televisions for outdoor , camping , kitchen and bathroom.

As a market growing at CAGR exceed 11.7%,Wherever there is demand for outdoor entertainment and quality lifestyle, there is a demand for full-scene TV.

Sylvox is dedicated to the success of its partners, offering comprehensive support to its collaborators.

Partner Support

Financial support

- Flexible partner funding support program.

Training Support

- Video conference training
- In-person training session.

Marketing Support

- Big events support
- Digital marketing support
- marketing support

Customized support

- Support project customization
- Product parameter customization

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United States

A Smart TV that comes with all the bleeding edge features like google TV, screen cast, apps, voice control, Dolby Sound Effects, and more. With super bright and excellent QLED ultra HD picture quality, and great build quality all in all.
Sylvox TV is a fast growing multi-category TV brand, offering a wide range of high quality products with now over 13 years of professional experience in the TV industry.


United States

Best Outdoor TV in 2024 (Top 5 Bright TVs For Backyard & Balconies)


United States

The Sylvox 55-inch Deck Pro Series 4K HDR Outdoor TV offers a rugged, weather-resistant solution for outdoor entertainment in backyards and venues. With 1000-nit brightness, IP55 waterproof and dustproof certification, and a durable, scratch-resistant design, this TV is built to withstand the elements.

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Overall, the Sylvox Outdoor TV is a functional and reliable choice for transforming your outdoor space into an entertainment hub.a TV built to withstand the worst of the weather while providing the brightness to overcome the sun.

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Explore Sylvox full-scene TVs

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Market Differentiation and less competition.Become tv suppliers, tv distributor

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Diverse TV products boost engagement and satisfaction.

Cross-Selling Opportunities: Wide TV range creates cross-selling opportunities.

Profit Maximization:maximize profits by offering diverse product combinations, leading to increased sales and revenue opportunities.


Why Sylvox

20000 M.webp__PID:56c04f19-fc36-4a3c-8c68-43a2d6430d4d
14 Years.webp__PID:95b6565d-f3f0-42ad-8be8-0b8c2ee4a45c
7 Warehouses.webp__PID:ac3656c0-4f19-4c36-9a3c-cc6843a2d643
Google TV licensed brand.webp__PID:5029f73b-84a9-40ab-8c2d-74fe7042395a
Franchise Partner Supplier.webp__PID:caa43786-0003-471f-afe2-4bab9a37b623

20,000 M2

Sylvox has the ability to mass produce and ensure timely delivery to meet your needs.


In-house research and development brings fast updates and higher reliability.


Strong technological expertise and innovationprowess

Global Service Centers

United States,Japan,Germany global service center

Google TV

Obtaining the offificial authorization of Google TV

More Than 14 Years

14+ years Professional TV manufature experience.

7 Warehouses

Sylvox has the ability for efficient order processing and quick delivery

2024 CEDIA Expo

BOOTH: 1250

Join sylvox, we provide a full range of cooperation support, exhibition cooperation is only part of it, we know the importance of partners in the company's business, so we have been committed to providing the best support and services to jointly achieve business goals.

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