Téléviseur d'extérieur 43" - Série Deck Pro 2023


Téléviseur d'extérieur 43" - Série Deck Pro 2023

Prix réduit $1,299.00
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  • IP55 étanche et résistant à tous les temps ;
  • Résolution 3840*2160 4k HD, 99% anti-poussière
  • Coque entièrement en métal, design anti-corrosion, anti-rayures durable ;
  • Résiste à des températures allant de -22° à 122°F
  • Télécommande 3 en 1 (Infrarouge, Bluetooth, Voix)
  • Assistant Google intégré
  • Système Android 11.0
  • Smart TV et fonction de diffusion en continu ;
  • NETFLIX certifié authentique intégré.
  • Chromecast intégré
  • Deux haut-parleurs intégrés
  • Wi-Fi 2.4G & 5G et Bluetooth
  • 1000nit Plus lumineux qu'un téléviseur ordinaire, de qualité commerciale.
  • Garantie produit 1 an (retour gratuit) et livraison gratuite.
  • Modèle : OT43A2KGGC
  • Dimension d'emballage (pouce) : 38,41 (L) x 3,44 (l) x 22,64 (H)
  • NO (lb): 40,1
  • Prise en charge de l'application de téléchargement
  • Garantie produit de 1 an (retour gratuit) et livraison gratuite (US/CA/UK/EU)
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Fully Waterproof Outdoor TV

Smart TV bien faite

Smart TV extérieure avec Bluetooth, fonction Wi-Fi

Outdoor TV-Smart-Wifi

Connexion TV Bluetooth

Associez votre smartphone, vos écouteurs ou votre haut-parleur externe à la TV d'extérieur sylvox

Outdoor TV-Smart-Wifi

Connexion Wi-Fi TV

Rendez votre expérience de télévision en plein air transparente avec une connexion sans fil à vos fournisseurs de contenu préférés

Android TV-APP Téléchargement gratuit

Outdoor TV-Smart-Remote

Une télécommande

Appuyez pour mettre en miroir le contenu

Outdoor TV-Google Assistant

Assistant Google

Audio Dolby

Outdoor TV-Dolby Audio

Améliorer l'expérience de divertissement en plein air

Résolution 4K, couleur cristalline dynamique et HDR

Outdoor TV-Smart-4K

Withstand All Types of Weather Conditions

Outdoor TV-Smart-Withstand All Weather

Fonctionnalité de température extrême

Température de fonctionnement -22℉ à 122℉, les téléviseurs d'extérieur conçus pour une utilisation en extérieur sont résistants aux intempéries toute l'année.

Outdoor TV-Smart-High Brightness

Image ultra lumineuse

Ultra lumineux que la télévision ordinaire, les écrans de télévision extérieurs offrent un contraste et une luminosité excellents

Outdoor TV-Smart-Metal Cover

Boîtier tout en métal

Boîtier entièrement métallique, anti-corrosion, anti-rayures et résistant aux hautes températures

Outdoor TV-Smart-Well Made

Bien fait

Série Sylvox smart Deck Pro, versions améliorées, 1000nit pour partiel

We have 4 options

Outdoor TV-TV only

Option 1-TV Only

Cliquez ici pour voir le détail du support TV sylvox

Cliquezici pour voir le détail de la barre de son extérieure sylvox

Option 4 -TV+TV Mount+ Outdoor Soundbar

From Our Customer

Waterproof Testing

Stand Mount

Ceiling Mount

High Picture Quality

Smart TV OS

Technisch Infomation

Have a look at some specifications and shiping info of the sylvox Outdoor  TV before purchasing!

The Main Difference Between Sylvox Partial Sun Outdoor TVs

Sylvox Outdoor TVDeck SeriesDeck Pro SeriesDeck Pro 2.0Deck Pro QLED 1.0 SeriesDeck Pro QLED 2.0 SeriesGarden
SystemLinuxAndroid Google TVLG WebosGoogle TVAndroid 
Downlaod AppsNOYESYESYESYesYes
Support Screencasting DeviceAndroid AllAllAllAllAll
Dolby AtmosNoNoYesNoYesNO

Advice On How To Choose Sylvox Partial Sun Outdoor TVs

1, Picture Quality: If you want the best possible picture quality, go for a QLED TV(Sylvox Deck pro Qled Series).

 2, Sound Quality: If you want the best possible soundbar quality, go for an outdoor TV with Dolby Atmos feature(Sylvox 2024 2.0 Series).

 3, Smart Features: If you want the smart TV with built-in App store, the pro series would be the best choice.

 4, Consider budget. Sylvox TVs come at a range of price points, Deck series is designed to be a more affordable option for outdoor TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Sylvox 43 inch outdoor tv

Exactly as described..I ordered this sylvox 43 inch outdoor tv to try..it is heavy with its all powder coated steel backplate.
it took the 2 of us to lift it out of the box.
setup was relatively easy putting the optical&HDMI cords back in.
setting up with Google home for me was glitchy.it got stuck on "connecting to WiFi" from my app,so I had to back out.force close the app,open and then finish the set-up.
it then prompted me for what signal type was i using, so I added our digital antenna and it then scanned &added those channels also.
Google Integrated our fireTV box into the platform to combine the live channels.
the remote feels and responds very well&fast also.
with dedicated youtube, Netflix & Amazon prime buttons on it.
the color is great,the display is bright.there is some pixelation with older shows from the 90s & and early 2000-thats to be expected.
The hubs is in love with this new TV so far.
bootup is super fast, as soon as you turn it on the Google menu comes up.
colors are vibrant,the surround sound is excellent through our sound bar!

William Sowa
Free your TV from it's wall mount !!!!!

All RV Camper Trailers, 5th Wheels, and Class A's that have built-in outside tv's have the tv built into the side of the RV. Your background for the tv is the side wall of the RV. Not so with SYLVOX!!! I have my 43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series mounted on a tripod and I can move it around my RV site anywhere the extension cord can reach. If you are an RV camper, SYLVOX is a game-changer and a must-have item. I've got the whole campground coming over and asking where they can purchase a SYLVOX. SYLVOX outdoor tv's and RV's have now become hand-in-hand.

Nicholas Pfeiffer

Only after a few months my first tv had sound but no picture got in touch with Vivi from C-service, had to choose a different model but also got credited back for price difference. Vivi couldn’t have been more helpful and understanding, sent out my new tv and instructions to return old everything was hassle free customer service is outstanding

Eric Howell
Great Outdoor TV for the price.

Pool side outdoor TV. Clear picture and uses our WiFi from inside the house. Cables are closed up. We used a waterproof box underneath to keep all cables and power connected.. Great buy for our family.


Nice for outdoor TV use could be a little bit better in terms of blocking out reflection of the sun. Also purchase a TV bracket that came with a free sound bar. what to be honest is not that great.

Cindy Wardell

Crystal clear picture, volume is loud enough to hear over our hot tub. We just love this TV

Well build outdoor TV!

I recently purchased a 43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series and so far, am very happy with my purchase. The TV came securely packaged and was easy to put up. I am impressed with the TV's sound quality as well as the picture quality. In my opinion, Sylvox seems to have thought about everything when building the 43" Outdoor TV (Partial Sun) - 2023 Deck Pro Series. One example is that the TV's cable cover has knobs you can unscrew by hand instead of bolts.

warner., terry
Overall impressive

I chose this television for my son who is currently setting up a new apartment. Here is his review:

As for the TV itself, the sound is pretty decent as far as stock speakers go. Probably some of the best I’ve heard. However, because of who I am, that’s never enough so I also use a sound bar. The picture is crisp, clear, and very much lives up to what 4K is capable of. I am very impressed with that aspect of this television.
I really appreciate how quickly the UI navigates. It’s very easy to get your video streaming apps signed in, assuming you have everything linked to your Google accounts. Despite the fact that this TV is intended for outside, it is just as good inside where I am using it. A bit pricey, but I definitely think it’s worth it.