43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie

43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie
43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie

43 "Outdoor TV-2023 Deck Pro-Serie

Sonderpreis $1,299.00
  • IP55 wasserdicht und alles Wetter;
  • 3840*2160 Auflösung 4K HD, 99% staubdicht
  • Vollmetallschale, Antikorrosionsdesign, langlebiger Anti-Kratzer;
  • Temperaturen von -22 ° bis 122 ° F standhalten
  • 3 in 1 Fernbedienung (Infrarot, Bluetooth, Stimme)
  • Google Assistant integriert
  • Android 11.0 System
  • Smart -TV- und Streaming -Funktion;
  • Eingebaute echte zertifizierte Netflix.
  • Eingebaute Chromecast
  • Eingebaute Dual-Lautsprecher
  • 2,4G & 5G WiFi und Bluetooth
  • 1000Nit heller als ein regulärer Fernseher, kommerzielle Note.
  • 1 Jahr Produktgarantie (kostenlose Rückgabe) und kostenloser Versand.
  • Modell: OT43A2KGGC
  • Packungsdimension (Zoll): 38,41 (l) x3.44 (w) x22.64 (h)
  • N.W (lb): 40.1
  •  Unterstützen Sie das Herunterladen von App
  • 1 Jahr Produktgarantie (kostenlose Rückgabe) und kostenloser Versand (US/CA/UK/EU)
  • Auf Lager
  • Inventar auf dem Weg

Gut gemachter Smart-TV

Smart Outdoor-TV mit Bluetooth, Wi-Fi-Funktion

Outdoor TV-Smart-Wifi

Koppeln Sie Ihr Smartphone, Kopfhörer oder externe Lautsprecher mit Sylvox Outdoor TV

Outdoor TV-Smart-Wifi

Machen Sie Ihr Outdoor-TV-Erlebnis nahtlos mit einer drahtlosen Verbindung zu Ihren bevorzugten Inhaltsanbietern

Android TV-APP kostenloser Download

Outdoor TV-Smart-Android
Outdoor TV-Smart-Remote

Eine Fernbedienung

100 % wasserdicht

Outdoor TV-Smart-Waterproof
Outdoor TV-Smart-Chormcase

Tippen Sie auf, um Inhalte zu spiegeln


Outdoor TV-Google Assistant
Outdoor TV-Dolby Audio


Verbessern Sie das Outdoor-Unterhaltungserlebnis

4K-Auflösung, dynamische Kristallfarbe und HDR

Outdoor TV-Smart-4K

Withstand All Weather

Outdoor TV-Smart-Withstand All Weather

Betriebstemperatur -22 ℉ bis 122 ℉, Outdoor-Fernseher für den Außenbereich sind das ganze Jahr über wetterfest.

Outdoor TV-Smart-High Brightness
Ultrahelles Bild

Ultraheller Als normale Fernseher bieten Fernsehbildschirme im Freien einen hervorragenden Kontrast und eine hervorragende Helligkeit

Outdoor TV-Smart-Metal Cover
Alle Metallgehäuse

Vollmetallgehäuse, korrosionsbeständig, kratzfest und hochtemperaturbeständig

Outdoor TV-Smart-Well Made
Gut gemacht

Sylvox Smart Deck Pro-Serie, aktualisierte Versionen, 1000nit für teilweise

Der günstigste Outdoor-Fernseher

Pakete sind günstiger als der Einzelkauf

Outdoor TV-TV only

Option 1-TV Only

Outdoor TV-TV Mount

Klicken Sie hier , um das Detail der Sylvox TV-Halterung zu sehen

Klicken Siehier , um das Detail der sylvox Outdoor-Soundbar zu sehen

Option 4 -TV+Wall Mount+ Outdoor Sound Bar


Screencasting & Remote

100% Waterproof Outdoor TV

Technisch Infomation

Have a look at some specifications and shiping info of the sylvox Outdoor  TV before purchasing!

The Main Difference Between Sylvox Partial Sun Series

Sylvox Outdoor TVDeck SeriesDeck Pro SeriesDeck Pro QLED Series
SystemLinuxAndroid LG Webos
Downlaod AppsNOYESYES
Support Screencasting DeviceAndroid AllAll

Advice On How To Choose Sylvox Partial Sun Outdoor TVs

1, Consider budget, Sylvox TVs come at a range of price points, Deck series is designed to be the most affordable option for partail sun outdoor TVs.

 2, Smart Features: If you want the smart TV with built-in app store and all smart features, the deck pro series would be the best choice.

 3, Picture Quality: If you want the best possible picture quality with all smart features, go for a QLED TV(Sylvox Deck pro Qled Series).

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
43" deck Pro Outdoor TV

This is an awesome TV. We love it mounted to our Gazebo Post. Now we are just waiting on our warm nights to gather outside and enjoy it. It would get five stars but I am trying to figure out how to get rid of annoying reflection behind me. Thanks Sylvox for all of your help!!

Richard James
Great tv

Great color. Even when sunny. Very satisfied with this tv.Box arrived in perfect condition from California to Canada.

Jenny Kapper
Sylvox customer service is excellent.

Customer service is quick to answer questions and help.

J. Mccarty
Sylvox Deck Pro 43" Outdoor TV

We shopped a number of brands looking for an outdoor TV. There were a number of different brands available so we had to spend some time reviewing each one. Our criteria included one That could withstand the Florida heat/humidity as well as manage the glare from the bright sun. Finally, everything we were to run on this TV was going to come through the WIFI, which was located inside the house.

We found everything in the Sylvox Deck Pro model (43"). It installed easily (we had a previous wall mount and were able to use part of the infrastructure from that effort) and was simple to configure. The WIFI connected immediately. We have used it in bright daylight as well as in the evening. It has delivered on every one of our requirements.
We are very happy with our selection and found the price to be competitive. We would definitely buy it again! We would recommend this model to anyone with the same criteria as ours.