Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck
Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck

Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck


Téléviseur extérieur 55" - Série Deck

Prix régulier $1,349.00 Prix réduit $1,199.00 Épargnez $150
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  • IP55 étanche et 4k HD ;
  • Gérer tous les temps;
  • Conception anti-corrosion, anti-rayures durable;
  • Résiste à des températures allant de -22° à 122°F
  • 99% étanche à la poussière
  • Smart TV et fonction de diffusion en continu ;
  • NETFLIX certifié authentique intégré.
  • 700nit plus lumineux qu'un téléviseur ordinaire, qualité commerciale.
  • Garantie produit de 1 an (retour gratuit) et livraison gratuite (US/CA/UK/EU)
  • Modèle : OT55A1KAGC
  • Dimension d'emballage (pouce) : 48,98 (L) x3,44 (W) x28,59 (H)
  • NO(lb): 50
  • Remarque : Ne prend pas en charge le téléchargement de l'application
  • (Les séries Deck pro, Deck pro qled et Pool Pro prennent en charge le téléchargement d'applications)
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Accessories Free 2-5 business days UPS
TVs-15"-65" Free 2-5 business days UPS
TVs-75" Free 2-5 business days Truck

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43": 38.41x3.44x22.64 / 37.0 lbs

55": 48.98x3.44x28.59 / 54.5 lbs

65": 57.61x3.44x34.80 / 66.2 lbs

75": 66.32x3.44x38.35 / 89.3 lbs

1: Upon purchasing our TV and installation service, once your TV and bracket are delivered (if you've also purchased a soundbar from us, we'll assist with its installation), our customer service representative will promptly email you to schedule the exact day and time for your TV mounting.

2: After confirming the installation time with you, we will assign an experienced, fully-equipped professional to handle the installation.

3: Simultaneously, we will email you the name and contact details of the professional providing the installation service. They will arrive at your doorstep at the scheduled time, ensuring a seamless installation experience

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2-5 Business Days Fast Delivery

30-Day Money-Back guarantee

Free shipping and returns

24/7 Quick Response Support

100% Waterproof Outdoor TV

It has weather-resistant durability with an IP55 rating, allowing you to unwind on your patio and enjoy outdoor entertainment throughout the year.

Weatherproof Design

High Ambient Light Visibility

Built-In Netflix Streaming

Outdoor TV-App

Compatible With Your Stuff

Experience Crystal-Clear Picture Quality Outdoors

Outdoor TV-4K

Enhanced Colors, Superior Outdoor Viewing

Experience HDR with Sylvox Outdoor TV

Sturdy and Smart Outdoor TV

Crafted with a durable full-metal construction, our product resists corrosion and scratches, maintaining its sleek appearance over time.

Long Lifespan Guaranteed

Constructed with full-metal durability, it's corrosion-resistant, heatproof, and excels in all outdoor conditions, from rain to snow, ensuring an exceptionally long lifespan

Withstands Diverse Weather Conditions

The metal exterior protects its internals from the elements, allowing it to endure temperatures from -22°F to 122°F. Expect flawless performance rain or shine

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth TV Connection

Elevate your outdoor TV experience by seamlessly connecting wirelessly to your preferred content providers.

Tap to Mirror Content

Enjoy the convenience of mirroring your favorite mobile apps, videos, and more onto your TV with a simple tap of your phone.

We Have 4 Options For You

Packages are more affordable than buying separately

Outdoor TV-TV only

Option 1 -TV Only

Cliquez ici pour voir le détail du support TV sylvox

Outdoor TV-Outdoor Sound Bar

Cliquezici pour voir le détail de la barre de son extérieure sylvox

Option 4-TV+Mount+ Outdoor Soundbar




With Soundbar

Ceiling Mount




Coque en métal

Ceiling Mount

Outdoor TV-Sylvox

Montage sur pied


Full Sun

With Outdoor Soundbar

Partial Sun

Technisch Infomation

Have a look at some specifications and shiping info of the sylvox outdoor TV before purchasing!

Smart TV Powered by Linux

IP55 waterproof and 4K

1000nit for partail sun

Fully-sealed, rugged outdoor tv

The Difference Between Sylvox Partial Sun Outdoor TVs

Sylvox Outdoor TV Deck SeriesDeck Pro SeriesDeck Pro 2.0 Deck Pro QLED 1.0 SeriesDeck Pro QLED 2.0 SeriesGarden Series
SystemLinuxAndroidGoogle TVLG WebosGoogle TVAndroid
Support Screencasting DeviceAndroid AllAllAllAllAll
Waterproof RemoteNoNoYesNoYesNo

Advice On How To Choose Sylvox Partial Sun Outdoor TVs

1, Picture Quality: If you want the best possible picture quality, go for a QLED TV(Sylvox 2024 Deck Pro Qled 2.0). 

2, Sound Quality: If you want the best possible sound quality, go for an outdoor TV with Dolby Atmos feature(Sylvox 2024 Deck Pro 2.0 Series and Deck Pro Qled 2.0 Series). 

3, Smart Features: If you want the smart TV with built-in App store, the deck pro 1.0&2.0 series would be the best choice. 

4: The 2024 Deck Pro QLED 2.0 Series would be the best choice if you want the best picture quality, sound quality, and smart features in one package

5, Consider budget. Sylvox TVs come at a range of price points, Deck series is designed to be a more affordable option for outdoor TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Patrick Barnett
Great Picture!

I bought this TV several months back and just hung it after our pergola was complete. Fantastic picture! The sound isn’t great, but adequate, and I have outdoor Bluetooth speakers that connect easily. Yes, limited apps, but a $60 4k firestick allowed me to download everything I want.

Great option for the money, and very solidly built!

Alfred Apfel
Not so Smart

The good is it has a bright 4K picture that does well in the sun and the TV appears to be well built against the weather.
The not so good part is there are only a few Apps built like Netflix and YouTube, but nothing else popular! There are several that are missing so we had to add a Roku.

For the Deck series, you can connect a Firestick or Roku stick to access the other apps. However,if you want to access the other Apps like Youtube TV, Hulu and other popular Apps directly without using a Firestick or Roku stick, we highly recommend checking out our Deck Pro and Deck Pro QLED 55' models. These models support app downloads and offer enhanced smart capabilities compared to the Deck series. You can find the Deck Pro 55-inch model at the following link

E Cole
Great Value for Outside tv

I like how quickly the tv was delivered. The tv was easy to install. The color and brightness to the tv is very good. The picture is best from more of a distance and not close up. I really think it was a good value for the cost that I spent on it. I reviewed several more expensive models but believe this was the best value. I would recommend taking the tv down around labor day because Northern weather may cause an issue. I do recommend getting the insurance on the tv and getting a cover to protect it.


Great outdoor tv!

Weatherproof and Brightness are its strength, (not-so) Smart TV interface is its weakness

The most important features of an outdoor TV is its brightness and how well it is weather-sealed. For these 2 features, the Sylvox passes with a solid grade. The photos I've attached show how tightly the TV is weather-proofed and if you add a TV cover as an extra level of protection, I am certain it can withstand the elements.

I also included a picture of the brightness and contrast custom-set to 100%; this will drastically improve the visibility and reduce the glare. I actually found that setting contrast, brightness, color, and sharpness all to 80% was optimal - the picture quality was more than acceptable even in direct sunlight, even though this is advertised as a partial-sun TV.

My main complaint is that the Smart TV feature is limited. Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube are the only apps installed which are useful; the others I would never open. And unfortunately, there is no way to download other apps, like HBO Max or Disney +, which is something one would expect nowadays with any new TV. In order to access those streaming channels, I had to purchase a Roku. Another $50 that you will have to add to your budget.

Overall, I am pleased and am excited to complete my backyard renovation with an outdoor TV.

Hello Anon,

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear your feedback.

If you're looking to access various streaming channels without the need for a Firestick or Roku stick, we highly recommend considering our Deck Pro and Deck Pro QLED 55' models. With these options, you can directly access a wide range of streaming channels without any additional devices.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need further assistance or have any more questions. We value your support and hope to provide you with the best possible viewing experience.

Michael Peace
55" waterproof partial sun

They worked great in the sun. The bluetooth is not
Signal is not so good.

Hi Michael

Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that our outdoor TVs performed well in the sun.

Regarding the Bluetooth signal issue, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We strive to provide a seamless experience with our products. To assist you further, could you please provide more details about the Bluetooth signal problem you're experiencing? This will help us diagnose the issue and provide the best solution.

Our customer service team is here to help resolve any concerns you may have. Please expect an email from us shortly to address this matter.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate your patience and look forward to assisting you.

Stevens Yang
Good tv but terrible mount

I put up the TV. Reasonable good for the price. But the mountain instruction is wrong. There is no way to set up the mount with that poor instruction. I spent hours and finally figured out a way to put the mount on. But the tv almost fell down because of the mounting mechanism is so poorly designed. It is a ring mount. Once it’s mount it in the wall don’t try to move it. Otherwise it will come off the ring. Please do not recommend that mount. You will have a lot of broken TV.

Thank you for your feedback regarding your recent installation experience. We apologize for the challenges you encountered with the mount's instructions and design. Ensuring our customers' satisfaction is our top priority, and we appreciate your patience in overcoming these difficulties.

Your feedback has been forwarded to our product development team for review and improvement. We value your input as it helps us enhance our products and services for all our customers.

If there's anything else we can do to assist you or if you have further feedback to share, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We're here to help.

Julie Fink
Tv Review

Not easy to use with my internet provider been a struggle