Sylvox Outdoor TV Installation Guide

21 mai 2024

Sylvox Outdoor TV Installation Guide

Are you still debating whether to install your outdoor TV? We understand that choosing the right installation method can be a thoughtful process. To help you make an informed decision, here's a breakdown of the installation options available for Sylvox outdoor TVs:

 Below are the weight and size details for each size of Sylvox outdoor TV:

  • 43": 38.41x3.44x22.64 / 37.0 lbs
  • 55": 48.98x3.44x28.59 / 54.5 lbs
  • 65": 57.61x3.44x34.80 / 66.2 lbs
  • 75": 66.32x3.44x38.35 / 89.3 lbs

VESA Standards:

  • 43":400×200mm
  • 55"/65"/75":600×400mm

Below is a detailed introduction and considerations for each Sylvox Outdoor TV installation method:

1. Wall Mounting

This is the most common method, suitable for installing the TV on exterior walls of the house, garden walls, or dedicated TV walls. Wall mounting saves space and allows you to adjust the bracket angle for optimal viewing.

  • Recommended Accessories:

    • Sylvox Wall Mount
    • Other compatible wall mounts
  • Advantages:

    • Saves floor space
    • Neat and tidy
    • Adjustable bracket for flexible viewing angles
  • Considerations:

    • Ensure the wall is sturdy enough to support the TV
    • When choosing a mount, ensure it matches the VESA standard and can support the weight of the Sylvox outdoor TV 



2. Stand Installation

Using a dedicated outdoor TV stand, you can place the TV on the ground in the yard or on the patio. Stands are usually mobile and can be repositioned as needed.

  • Advantages:

    • Easy to move, highly flexible
    • Does not require wall support
  • Considerations:

    • Ensure the stand is stable
    • Choose a stand made of weather-resistant materials

3. Ceiling Mounting

If the outdoor area has a canopy or ceiling, the TV can be mounted on the ceiling. This method is suitable for patios, gazebos, or any area with overhead structures.

  • Sylvox Ceiling Mount Plate: 200×208mm

  • Other Brands: Ensure they meet the VESA standard and weight requirements for Sylvox outdoor TVs

  • Advantages:

    • Saves floor and wall space
    • Suitable for specific structural environments
  • Considerations:

    • Ensure the ceiling structure is sturdy enough
    • Properly design the installation height and angle

4. Enclosure Installation

Installing the TV in a specially designed outdoor TV enclosure offers better protection. These enclosures are typically waterproof, dustproof, and come with locks to prevent theft.

  • Advantages:

    • Protects the TV from weather and external damage
    • Aesthetically pleasing, can blend with garden design
  • Considerations:

    • Higher customization cost
    • Ensure good ventilation to prevent overheating
    • Requires professional installation design
    • Increased complexity in installation

5. Motorized Lift Installation

Using a motorized lift system, the TV can be hidden in the ground, cabinet, or other structures and raised when needed. This installation method is technologically advanced and ideal for users seeking a high-end experience.

  • Advantages:

    • High-end and stylish
    • Protects the TV and saves space
  • Considerations:

    • Higher installation cost
    • Requires regular maintenance of the motorized system

When choosing an installation method, consider the outdoor environment, viewing needs, and budget to ensure the TV is installed safely, practically, and aesthetically. Selecting the right installation method can enhance your viewing experience and increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your yard.


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