Prize for Winners

First Prize

1*Sylvox 43'' Pool pro Qled outdoor TV

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Second Prize

1*Sylvox 15.6'' Kitchen TV

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Third Prize

1*Sylvox 22'' RV TV

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How to participate

1: Shoot the videos or pictures of the sylvox TV
2: Upload it to Youtube or google drive through the link below:
3: Fill out the form with the URL of your video or picture below.


March 7, 2023- April 7, 2023

Tips on getting a bigger chance to win

1: Share the big scene after the TV installation, like the picture of the outdoor TV including the outdoor spaces or areas, and the picture of the kitchen TV including the Kitchen and cabinet.
2: High resolution of the video or the picture.
3: Sharing a video is more likely to win.

Time to announce the winner

1: We will announce on April 8th, 2023 on Facebook/INS and the official website.
2: We will contact the winner via to claim the prize.

1. Sylvox reserves the right to a final explanation.
2. The video and picture judging criteria are formulated by sylvox.
3. If you have any questions about the event, please contact us through the official email at

Disclaimer: All videos and pictures taken will only be used for official publicity, we will not use them for other purposes unless you agree!

Submit Your Video Or Picture

Great pictures for your reference

Great videos for your reference


Until the end of the event: