55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina

55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina
55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina

55 "Outdoor TV 2000Nit - Serie di piscina

Prezzo scontato $2,199.00
  • Luminosità fino a 2000 NIT per il sole pieno;
  • 5 volte più luminoso dei televisori indoor;
  • Regolare automaticamente la luminosità;
  • Più app integrate;
  • Supporta connessioni per più fonti multimediali;
  • IP55 impermeabile;
  • Resistente alle intemperie da -22f a 122F;
  • Resistente alla corrosione e alla corrosione;
  • 1 anno di garanzia del prodotto (reso gratuito) e spedizione gratuita (US/CA/UK/UE)
  • Modello: OT43A1Kage
  • Dimensione di imballaggio (pollice): 48,98 (l) x3,44 (w) x28.59 (H)
  • N.W (lb): 50
  • Nota: non supportare l'app di download
  • (Deck Pro, Deck Pro Qled e Pool Pro possono supportare l'app di download)
  • In magazzino, pronto per la spedizione
  • Inventario in arrivo
  • Free shipping
  • Free return
  • Security payment
Spedizione calcolata alla cassa.

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Option 2-TV + TV Mount

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Option 3 -TV+ Professional Waterproof Outdoor soundbar

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Option 4 - TV+TV Mount+ Outdoor Soundbar

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Technisch Infomation

Have a look at some specifications and shiping info of the sylvox outdoor TV before purchasing!

Smart TV Powered by Linux

IP55 waterproof and 4K

2000nit for partail sun

Fully-sealed, rugged outdoor tv

Advice On How To Choose Sylvox Full Sun Outdoor TVs

1, Picture Quality: If you want the best possible picture quality for full sun, go for a QLED TV(Sylvox Pool Pro Qled Series).

  2, Smart Features: If you want the smart LED TV with built-in App store and all smart features, the pool pro series would be the best choice.

   3, Consider budget. Sylvox TVs come at a range of price points, pool series is designed to be the most affordable option for full outdoor TVs.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Robert Lewis
Great Outdoor Product.

Very happy with the product, just as good as advertised. My TV sits in the sun during the day time so it was important to purchase a full sun tv and it is next to my spa, so the waterproof aspect was key as well. Add in all the rain this year and this TV was a must. So, I did my research and decided to go with Sylvox Pool Deck Series as the other TV's in this category can be 5x's as much. . . good decision, integrates well with internet, all apps are easy to function, and I even run a digital receiver getting all the local channels for free. Great customer services as well, had a hiccup with the first remote, notified Sylvox, and a brand new one was sent within 48 hours. Thanks Sylvox!

Ron from Knoxville
I've had by 55 inch full sun for a couple month.

Really happy with it. Picture is great, and the quality of constructing is impressive. I have mine mounted by my pool. If you buy this TV consider getting the sound bar with it. My pool has a waterfall feature, so it was difficult to hear the TV even with the volume at 100%. The sound bar eliminates this problem. The soundpar comes with 3 option to install. I attached it to the bottom of the TV. It was real simple to install too.

Joseph T Cappel
Great TV

Tv is great, great picture. Was easy to install. It’s built well I have if you have the Apple TV hooked to ARC you can turn TV on and off through the Apple TV, on this TV it does seem to work that way.

Better than I expected

I was amazed at the picture quality of this TV. This is the first outdoor TV I have owned and I was pleasantly surprised at the difference between this an a regular TV. Some reviewers said that it needed external speakers but I haven't found that to be the case. The picture and sound exceeded my expectations!

Nick Mascia
Great TV & Excellent Customer Service.

I purchased this TV back on July 12th 2022. I was quite pleased with the very good picture quality during the day in the sun. At night the picture quality is outstanding.

I had an issue with the TV malfunctioning. It was still under warrantee and Sylvox immediately addressed the issue and sent me a replacement 2023 model.

I would recommend Sylvox products for anyone that is looking for a quality outdoor TV reasonably priced and backed by really great customer service and support of their product.

thank you Sylvox for standing by the quality of your TV.

Nick Mascia/ New York City

Jason Tetley
Outdoor TV

Shipped and received on time. Mounted easily into my outdoor concrete surface. TV is great so far w good brightness even during the day and almost full sun. Only downfall is that Sylvox does not pair with Savant remote systems. Hopefully in the future.

Jessica Antonucci
Great TV

So far this is great for outside at our pool. Picture is fantastic in full sun. We were able to hook up a UE Boom speaker for when we are further away and don’t want to turn it up too loud to annoy the neighbors. Highly recommend.