43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie

43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie
43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie

43 "Outdoor TV 2000nit - Poolserie

Sonderpreis $1,499.00
  • Helligkeit bis zu 2000nit für volle Sonne;
  • 5 -mal heller als Innenfernseher;
  • Passen Sie die Helligkeit automatisch an;
  • Integrierte mehrere Apps;
  • Unterstützt Verbindungen für mehrere Medienquellen;
  • IP55 wasserdicht;
  • Wetterfest von -22f bis 122f;
  • Anti-Kratzer und korrosionsresistent;
  • 1 Jahr Produktgarantie (kostenlose Rückgabe) und kostenloser Versand (US/CA/UK/EU)
  • Modell: OT43A1Kage
  • Produktdimension (Zoll): 38,41 (l) x3.44 (w) x22.64 (h)
  • N.W (lb): 40.1
  • Hinweis: Unterstützen Sie nicht das Herunterladen der App
  • (Deck Pro, Deck Pro Qled und Pool Pro -Serie können das Herunterladen der App unterstützen)
  • Auf Lager
  • Inventar auf dem Weg
  • Free shipping
  • Free return
  • Security payment

Embrace TV Enjoyment, Even in Bright Sunlight

Allows you to comfortably enjoy your favorite content outdoors, even when the sun is shining directly

Outdoor TV-Ful Sun-Waterproof

Wasserdichter Fernseher für den Außenbereich


Outdoor TV-Full Sun-4K
Outdoor TV-Full Sun-HDR


Eingebaute APPs

Outdoor TV-Full Sun-App
Outdoor TV-Full Sun-HDMI

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Ultrahelles Bild

Outdoor TV-Full Sun-High Brightness

Well Made Smart TV

Outdoor TV-Full Sun-Well Made
Gut gemacht

Hält Temperaturen von -22 ° bis 122 ° F stand, hohe Temperaturbeständigkeit

Outdoor TV-Full Sun-Mental Case
Alle Metallgehäuse

Korrosionsschutz und dauerhaft kratzfest, winddicht und staubdicht


Machen Sie Ihr Outdoor-TV-Erlebnis nahtlos mit einer drahtlosen Verbindung zu Ihren bevorzugten Inhaltsanbietern


Koppeln Sie Ihr Smartphone, Kopfhörer oder externe Lautsprecher mit Sylvox Outdoor TV

Commercial Grade

7*16 hours working, suitable for both commercial and residential use

Der preisgünstigste Outdoor-Fernseher mit voller Sonne

Pakete sind günstiger als der Einzelkauf

Outdoor TV-TV only

Option 1-TV Only

Klicken Sie hier , um das Detail der Sylvox TV-Halterung zu sehen

Outdoor TV-Outdoor Sound Bar

Klicken Siehier , um das Detail der sylvox Outdoor-Soundbar zu sehen

Option 4 - TV+TV Mount+ Outdoor Soundbar

You Can Count On Sylvox Official Store

Genuine Guarantee

Quality guaranteed products sold on official website, Special offers may be available on the official website

The Safest Logistics Transportation

SYLVOX official will use the safest logistics plan to ensure that delivered goods are well protected

Free Refunds and Returns Services

Free refunds and returns service if the product does not meet consumers' expectations.

Fast Service Response Time

We will respond to customer questions and needs within 24 hours.

Professional Technical Team

SYLVOX's technical team provides after-sales service to ensure consumers receive high-quality technical support.

Free Outdoor TV Cover

Make the TV as new as ever and extend your outdoor TV life


Outdoor TV-Bottom









Outdoor TV-Mount


Outdoor TV-Sylvox


Ceiling Mount

Wall Mount

Technisch Infomation

Have a look at some specifications and shiping info of the sylvox outdoor TV before purchasing!

Smart TV Powered by Linux

IP55 waterproof and 4K

2000nit for partail sun

Fully-sealed, rugged outdoor tv

Advice On How To Choose Sylvox Full Sun Outdoor TVs

1, Picture Quality: If you want the best possible picture quality for full sun, go for a QLED TV(Sylvox Pool Pro Qled Series).

  2, Smart Features: If you want the smart LED TV with built-in App store and all smart features, the pool pro series would be the best choice.

   3, Consider budget. Sylvox TVs come at a range of price points, pool series is designed to be the most affordable option for full outdoor TVs.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
So far so good

We have had it for a couple weeks and so far it’s excellent. Bright light and you see it perfectly. I had a couple issues with the rolling cart but figured it out. We are using a 4 k Firestick and it’s great

Gary L Hunt
Great Customer Service.

Our Pool Series 43" Sylvox developed an audio issue after a few months.
The audio would play through an external optically connected speaker but only intermittently through the tv speakers.
Sylvox support replaced my tv under warranty.
We are very pleased with this level of customer support.


Amazing customer service, quick and friendly help!

William Henkel
Great TV

Just what I was looking for. I love it.

Rob Bartley
The quality is top notch, but a UI upgrade would make it perfect.

The television is extremely well crafted and has exceeded expectations for build quality. It has a great picture and the sound has been superb, even without a soundbar.
I would happily have rated it a 5 star if the ability to add and subtract streaming app was part of its UI. While screenshare does allow me to cast from my phone, having this resource would push this television to the next level.
Over all, I'm still very pleased with the product and will check their website in the future to see if there any firmware updates that give us more app versatility.

John Sanders
Great outdoor TV

TV is good value for the money for outdoor TV. Others are more because the Linux system doesn't have as many apps. However if you are are going to hook up AppleTV or Chromecast it shouldn't matter.
The back of the TV even has compartment that opens to store the extra device(s).
A little heavy for 43" TV but that is to be expected with the substantial outdoor inclosure.

Santiago Martinez
43" Outdoor TV 1500Nit Full Sun (Pool Series)

Excellent TV as described