SYLVOX, the Full-Scene TV Brand

Crafting televisions for various settings, including outdoor, kitchen, bathroom, and RV environments


True outdoor TVs must be waterproof

SYLVOX Outdoor TVs achieve 100% waterproofing, setting them apart from non-waterproof options

2024 CES New Product Launch

Sylvox's flagship product,
the 75-inch Cinema Smartoutdoor TV, which boasts an impressive 2500nit brightness coupled with dynamic backlighting.

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An entirely new category of Sylvox, the 15.6-inch Portable Waterproof Smart TV, boasting an IP66 waterproof rating. lts design allows users to place it right on the water's surface, transforming mundane moments into cinematic experiences

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For culinary enthusiasts, the 15.6-inch Kitchen Smart TV offers 1080P HD clarity and a unique foldable design that snugly fits beneath cabinets,optimizing kitchen space without compromising onentertainment.

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IP66 fully waterproof rating, high-brightness display screen, functions as both a mirror and atelevision

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